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5 Tips for Achieving Performance Max Success


5 Tips for Achieving Performance Max Success

Performance Max combines world class automation technologies across bidding, targeting, creatives and more to help drive growth across your organisation, be it conversions and value or ROI and ROAS. Performance Max is built to achieve optimum performance across a wide range of advertising objectives and marketing channels. I’m taking an in-depth look at the following optimisation best practices to set up your Google PPC Advertising campaigns for achieving Performance Max success and help further boost your results.

1. Performance Max Success Starts and Ends with Data

To achieve Performance Max success, you must reconsider how you look at CRM data, as it is crucial for Performance Max campaigns.

When running a Performance Max campaign, the last thing you want is the AI spending countless hours sifting through lead after lead. Instead, you want the Performance Max to take the best route possible to convert any potential interest. The only way it can do this is by optimising leads that will increase your return on investment.

Performance Max also uses the data you programme into it to find the best audiences for your ads. To achieve Performance Max success, include demarcations such as current customers, closed opportunities and won opportunities.

2. Make Asset Creation a Priority

With Performance Max, you can create various asset groups per campaign. Each asset group should be unique and bring something new to the conversation. Google’s AI can then use your assets to create a plethora of different ads and show more bespoke assets to certain types of audiences.

Indeed, the more assets you create, the more ad formats Performance Max can create. Your ads can then appear on more unique channels. Bear in mind the importance of using high-quality images that entice users to click on your ads.

Make sure your ad copy is different every time to make your ads feel as fresh as possible.

3. Use Location Targeting for Performance Max Success

Google has implemented a new feature to help you track your ad spend. Google has added the option to exclude locations from its Advanced Location Options function for Performance Max campaigns. Marketers can now target based on a user’s presence in a particular area and turn off areas in which they wish not to advertise.

In Google Merchant Centre, location targeting will come in useful if you’re tired of receiving leads you’re unable to convert due to a customer’s location. As a result, fewer ‘junk’ clicks will inevitably increase ad performance.

4. Consider Using Ad Extension

Ad extensions expand your Performance Max ads and make them more engaging, thus helping you to achieve Performance Max success.

Ad extensions add more useful and intriguing details about your products below your ad. Some examples of ad extensions include locations, additional links, prices and a direct phone number.

In short, using ad extensions can help increase the visibility and engagement of your ads, and can also improve your quality score. Ad extensions can also lead to a higher ad rank, meaning a lower cost per click.

5. Test and Experiment with New Things

When setting up Performance Max, keep in mind that you can experiment with new ways of working and test everything before putting it live.

When experimenting, you can only see your results at the campaign level. You can test multiple Performance Max campaigns, each relying on alternative audience insights to see which is the more successful.

That said, experimenting and trying new things is a great way to achieve Performance Max success.

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