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5 Benefits of Getting Your Paid Social Media Ads Audited by Experts


5 Benefits of Getting Your Paid Social Media Ads Audited by Experts

Paid Social Media Ads Audit: 5 Benefits of Having Your Ads Account Audited by Experts

Paid Social Media Ads Audit: Running an effective social media advertising strategy takes specialised skills. From granular targeting options to platform algorithms rapidly evolving – there’s a lot to stay on top of. Many brands lack the in-house expertise or bandwidth to keep campaigns continuously optimised.

That’s where bringing in expert auditors for you social ads audit can provide huge advantages. A paid social ad specialist can conduct an unbiased, comprehensive audit identifying opportunities to improve performance.

Let’s explore 5 key benefits of auditing social advertising through outside PPC experts.


1. Gain an Objective Perspective

When managing social campaigns in-house, you become accustomed to how things are setup and run. An external auditor brings fresh eyes to evaluate strategy.

Gain an Objective Perspective

Rather than just validating past decisions, an unbiased pro can scrutinise all elements of your social ads purely on merit and data. You get objective insights, not just confirmation of the status quo.

Objective auditing highlights issues that internal teams may be oblivious to after staring at the same campaigns.


2. Access Specialised Skills

Let’s face it – social media advertising changes fast. From new formats and placements to shifting algorithms, it’s tough for in-house marketers to keep up on everything.

Access Specialised Skills

But for an expert consultant who audits accounts full-time, evaluating emerging platform options is second nature. Their specialised skills identify future opportunities others miss.

Specialised PPC auditors stay on top of every new Social Media Ad Targeting method, ad unit, and analytics capability as they develop. Tapping into those skills through a review provides invaluable.


3. Assess Against Industry Benchmarks

When you only study your own social advertising performance daily, judging effectiveness gets fuzzy. Audits by experts provide the industry knowledge to benchmark against averages.

Assess Against Industry Benchmarks

An experienced auditor can immediately tell if your Facebook CTR or Instagram CPM need improvement compared to competitive standards. Their wider perspective assesses strengths and weaknesses.

You get an honest evaluation of where your performance lags competitors and tips to catch up.


4. Avoid Insider Biases

Creative fatigue is a frequent issue for brands managing their own social ad accounts long-term. The same images, copy and messaging get stale, yet internal teams fail to recognise it.

Avoid Insider Biases

But an expert auditor brings an outsider view immune from creative biases. A fresh look easily pinpoints stale creative that underperforms with audiences.

Similarly, consultants aren’t invested in proving past work right. They call out ineffective tactics in an unbiased manner.


5. Gain a Network of Expertise

A qualified Social Media Auditing consultant doesn’t rely solely on their own perspective. They tap into extensive networks of industry thought leaders and peers.

Paid Social Media Ads Audit: 5 Benefits of Having Your Ads Account Audited by Experts

Your assigned auditor can connect with other experts to gather ideas for fine-tuning campaigns. Two minds auditing an account can produce even stronger insights.

You effectively gain an entire community of specialists reviewing your social advertising approach, not just a single outside view.


Other Benefits of Professional Paid Social Media Ads Auditers

Beyond these 5 core advantages, brands utilising an paid social media advertising PPC agency also benefit from:

  • Specialist Evaluation Tools – Consultants use sophisticated auditing tools most brands don’t have in-house, providing deeper analysis.
  • Efficiency – External auditors focus efforts only on required tasks, allowing in-house marketers to concentrate on execution and strategy.
  • Time Savings – Working with professionals saves precious internal hours that can be redirected.
  • Latest Best Practices – Partners provide insights into the latest proven tactics not publicly shared.
  • Enhanced Skill Development – Consultants transfer knowledge teaching in-house teams better social advertising practices.

If you aren’t tapping into the power of expert auditing, your paid social campaigns are likely leaving ROI on the table. The outside perspective provides significant potential performance lift. Make sure to avoid Social Media Advertising Mistakes like these.


Questions to Ask Prospective Auditors

To select the best social advertising audit partner, ask these key questions during your search. Find out What Are the Six Key Areas of a Social Media Audit here:

  • What auditing tools and processes do you utilise? Look for sophisticated analytics.
  • What social advertising certifications do your team members hold? Seek proven experts.
  • How often do you audit platforms and stay current? Should be daily.
  • What deliverables will the audit provide? Expect strategic recommendations.
  • How will findings be communicated to my team? Ensure educational knowledge transfer.

View auditors as an extension of your marketing team, not just vendors. Optimise not just campaigns but also internal skill sets.

Want To Know How Much A Social Media Ads Audit Costs?

A single consultant may charge £100 per hour for a short social media audit taking several hours. But a full agency usually charges a fixed fee starting around £1,500 and exceeding £5,000 for in-depth audits.

Partnering with experts who conduct social media audits brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. The cost reflects their expertise, industry insights, and the value they add in terms of optimising your social media strategy.

Don’t get caught in the pay cheap, pay twice scenario.

Learn more about How Much a Social Media Audit Costs where we will lift the lid on questions to ask.


Schedule Your Social Ad Audit Today

If it’s been more than six months since you’ve had fresh eyes objectively audit your social media advertising accounts, performance is likely suffering. Leverage outside experts to get more from budgets.

Our team lives and breathes Paid Social Media Ads Audits and optimising paid social ad campaigns. We’re ready to conduct an unbiased review of your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok accounts. Over 80% of our clients see improved social advertising results within three months of partnering. If you’d also like to learn more about Google Ads vs. social media advertising, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for expert insights.

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