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New Dimensions & Metrics for GA4


New Dimensions & Metrics for GA4

Google Analytics 4 audience builder has gained six new dimensions and metrics. The new metrics include country, manual term, mobile device info, minute, new vs returning and session duration.

This update is another example of Google’s pursuit of making Google Analytics 4 the ultimate analytical tool that surpasses its competition.

As of 5 June, Google Ads consultants gained access to six new dimensions and metrics to enhance its analysis. Here’s everything you need to know about these new tools.

What is Google Analytics 4 Audience Builder?

Google’s audience builder tool helps you to create segments based on dimensions and metrics, involving a range of users who visit your website.

Segmenting your users meaningfully is vital for your business as doing so helps you monitor how your website is performing against your set goals and objectives.

Google has even set a deadline for Google Ads experts to transition to GA4, and these new dimensions and metrics are just another example of why now is as good a time as any to switch.

What Are The New Dimensions and Metrics for GA4?

On 5 June, Google expanded the metrics and dimensions in GA4 to close parity gaps with its Universal Analytics audience builder.

Google has introduced an impressive range of enhancements to Google Analytics. Among these updates are five additional dimensions and one new metric. Google’s main goal is to boost the capabilities of its tool. The five new dimensions and one metric include:

  • Country
  • Manual term
  • Mobile device info
  • Minute
  • New vs returning
  • Session duration

While this announcement has been greeted with great acclaim, it’s expected that Google will make more changes to Google Analytics 4 in the coming months. Its aim is to develop a tool that has everything a user may need to make the most informed decisions about its business as possible.

With this in mind, it is beneficial to stay updated on the latest developments for Google Analytics 4.

Why is it Important to Care About the New Dimensions and Metrics?

As we get closer to the 1 July deadline when Google Universal Analytics 3 will be discontinued and stop collecting data and ultimately be replaced by Google Analytics 4, expect to see Google continue to announce new features for GA4 as the month progresses.

We are not too far away from that deadline now, so expect another announcement in the coming weeks about how to understand your audience more and how best to refine your marketing output.

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