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20 Best Video Production Companies in 2024 (Boost Your Brand)


20 Best Video Production Companies in 2024 (Boost Your Brand)

***This post has been updated for 2024***

In the vast digital landscape, where Google reigns supreme and marketing battles are fought daily, there stands a formidable ally – PPC Geeks. With the precision of a surgeon’s scalpel and the enthusiasm of true aficionados, we are here to reshape your online marketing strategy. Our name, PPC Geeks, isn’t just a label; it’s a proclamation of our unwavering commitment as Google Ads consultants to Pay-per-click mastery.

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While PPC Geeks is not a video production company, we bring our unparalleled expertise in PPC ads management to enhance your video advertising efforts. In the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, videos hold a prominent position as a powerful tool. From captivating promo videos to melodious music videos that resonate, and from crowd-captivating TV commercials to heartwarming TikToks, we understand the significance of visual content.

Our mastery in rich media advertising is what sets us apart. We may not create videos, but we excel in optimizing their performance within your marketing campaigns. With PPC Geeks by your side, your brand’s message will shine brilliantly in the digital galaxy, capturing the attention and engagement of your target audience.

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Best Of Awards 2024: Make This Year Your Very Best!

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Who are the Best Video Production Companies?

In the ever-evolving world of marketing, video reigns supreme. But here’s the million-dollar question: How can you transform video into the undisputed king of your paid marketing strategy?

Picture this: Video ads, a dynamic force in the digital landscape, are poised to dominate the market for years to come. Whether your target audience is young, dynamic, and full of energy, or you’re aiming for a more sophisticated and composed demographic, video ads hold the key to your success.

Now, here’s where we come in. We’re not just another agency; we’re your partners in driving results. Our team of PPC Geeks knows the secret sauce to unleash the full potential of video ads for your brand.

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Don’t miss this opportunity to make video ads work wonders for your brand. Let’s write your success story together. It’s time to crown video as the reigning monarch of your marketing strategy.

Hence, it’s an important question to ask oneself when looking for the right agency to meet your video production needs: Who are the best video production companies in the world right now?

  1. BX Films
  2. Kyro
  3. Social SEO
  4. Veracity Colab
  5. Casual Films
  6. Sociallyin 
  7. 5:00 Films & Media 
  8. Snowy Peak
  9. LYFE Marketing
  10. CRFT Video 
  11. Ydraw
  12. Lemons
  13. Charter & Co 
  14. SGK
  15. The DVI Group
  16. Covalent
  17. Levitate Media 
  18. VeracityColab
  19. Directive
  20. Umault

There are a variety of factors that feed into what makes these 20 particular agencies the best video production companies in the world. Here’s why in a bit more detail:

1. Best Video Production Companies: BX Films

Points of note:

  1. Minimum project size £25,000+
  2. Key clients include Toyota, IBM and WordPress
  3. Founded 2010

BX Films is a concept video production and Google Ads agency that builds stories of people and brands who are intent on progressing the world forward. They don’t just point their cameras and start filming; they’re constantly directing, editing and exploring digital marketing strategies that can boost your ROI and brand visibility through the power of video, making them one of the best video production companies.  Learn how to boost your ROI and follow this link to find out the best practices to increase ROI with Google Ads.

Website: BX Films Website
Reviews: BX Films Reviews

Best Video Production Companies gold award badge displayed on BX Films website with the headline 'Videos that move the world forward'

2. Best Video Production Companies: Kyro

Points of note:

  1. Minimum project size £10,000+
  2. £50-£100 / hr
  3. 5/5 reviews

Kyro is one of the best video production companies in the world because they learn how you operate and create videos that, ultimately, your audience wants to see. Making sure your marketing traction never stops, Kyro goes out of its way to create everything from award-winning TV advertisements to social media videos, always prioritising your campaign’s success. To improve your social media campaign results, we have made an expert step-by-step guide on how to audit your social media ads.

Website: Kyro Website
Reviews: Kyro Reviews

 Best Video Production Companies silver award badge on KYRO's website with a creative clock design, highlighting their impactful storytelling.

3. Best Video Production Companies: SocialSEO

Points of note:

  1. Minimum project size – £1,000+
  2. Average Hourly Rate – £100-£150 / hr
  3. No.1 rated digital market agency in the US

Pioneers of video marketing, SocialSEO has achieved 1,000% growth in just 5 years, investing in a forward-thinking business model that not only focuses on customer and employee relationships but also exceptional video productions. From its inception, SocialSEO has grown from strength to strength, culminating in the agency being named one of the best video production companies in the world.

Website: SocialSEO Website
Reviews: SocialSEO Reviews

Best Video Production Companies bronze award badge on the SocialSEO website with their office building at dusk.

4. Best Video Production Companies: Veracity Colab

Points of note:

  1. Minimum project size £10,000+
  2. 2-10 employees
  3. Key clients include Microsoft, Eventbrite and Adobe

With clients including the likes of Adidas, Microsoft, Eventbrite and Adobe, Veracity Colab is in a league of its own when it comes to video production and digital marketing, making them both expert videographers and adept Google Ads specialists. With VeracityColab also specialising in the field of digital marketing, learn about the crucial role of PPC agencies in modern digital marketing.

Website: Veracity Colab Website
Reviews: Veracity Colab Reviews

Veracity Colab website displaying 'Best Video Production Companies' award badge, affirming their excellence in story-driven video creation.

5. Best Video Production Companies: Casual Films

Points of note:

  1. 5/5 reviews
  2. Located London, UK
  3. 90% focus video production

With numerous 5-star reviews, Casual Films has produced over 15,000 films and productions for some of the world’s most esteemed businesses. Their experienced global team is exceptional, making them one of the best video production companies in the world.

Website: Casual Films Website
Reviews: Casual Films Reviews

Casual Films website featuring 'Best Video Production Companies' award badge, with a modern design showcasing their forward-thinking approach.

6. Best Video Production Companies: Sociallyin

Points of note:

  1. Minimum project size – £1,000+
  2. Key clients include Dicks Sporting Goods, TGI Fridays and Conexpo
  3. Founded 2011

Not only is Sociallyin one of the best video companies in the world, but they are also one of the best digital marketing agencies in the world. Specialising in engaging people at a personal level through the use of awe-inspiring video production, Sociallyin employs the highest quality content creators, marketers and videographers to deliver you the results and ROI you want. You may also want to discover how to use Google Ads to promote and inform branded content.

Website: Sociallyin Website
Reviews: Sociallyin Reviews

SociallyIn, a leading social media agency, displays the 'Best Video Production Companies' blue award on their website.

7. Best Video Production Companies: 5:00 Films & Media

Points of note:

  1. 5/5 reviews
  2. Founded 2004
  3. Key clients include Paramount Pictures, IBM and Yale University

5:00 Films & Media have a simple yet amazing mantra: ‘We do the right thing.’ This video production company is exceptional at delivering the best video solutions and nurturing long-lasting relationships. Founded in 2004, this bespoke company has worked with some of the most esteemed filmmakers and film producers in the world.

Website: 5:00 Films & Media Website
Reviews: 5:00 Films & Media Reviews

 5:00 Films & Media homepage featuring the 'Best Video Production Companies' blue award badge, emphasizing their narrative impact since 2004.

8. Best Video Production Companies: Snowy Peak

Points of note:

  1. Minimum project size £5,000+
  2. 5/5 reviews
  3. Founded 2009

Snowy Peak is one of the video production companies in the world and specialises in video production, videography and even the odd Google Ads audit – if it involves a video, that is. Their B2B and B2C video campaigns for the likes of MasterCard and Chipotle focus on driving profits via video marketing and rich media and are nothing short of exceptional.

Website: Snowy Peak Website
Reviews: Snowy Peak Reviews

Snowy Peak's engaging website banner featuring an animated character and the 'Best Video Production Companies' blue award badge.

9. Best Video Production Companies: LYFE Marketing

Points of note:

  1. £50-£99 / hr
  2. 60% focus on Social Media Marketing
  3. 10-50 employees

When it comes to video production, LYFE Marketing are true experts. One of the best video production companies in the sector, LYFE has increased sales for online brands through the power of rich media. In essence, LYFE Marketing uses comprehensive social media and videography strategies to improve everything from ROI to brand visibility.

Website: LYFE Marketing Website
Reviews: LYFE Marketing Reviews

LYFE Marketing team photo on their website, featuring the 'Best Video Production Companies' blue award badge for 2024.

10. Best Video Production Companies: CRFT Video

Points of note:

  1. Located New York, NY
  2. Founded 2017
  3. Key clients include Visa, Apple and Renault

The litany of clients who work with CRFT Video is exemplary and includes the likes of Visa, Apple, Renault, Slack, Toyota and Microsoft. A design agency and animation studio with an enviable track record of success, CRFT Video tailor your message to engage with your desired audience on a level beyond comprehension.

Website: CRFT Video Website
Reviews: CRFT Video Reviews

CRFT Video's homepage banner displaying 'Best Video Production Companies' blue award badge against a vibrant cityscape at dusk.

11. Ydraw

Points of note:

  1. Minimum project size £5,000+
  2. Founded 2011
  3. £150-£200 / hr

With clients such as Amazon, Ford, Disney and Dell, Ydraw is a performance-driven video production leader with a wealth of experience in everything from videography and animation to video production and marketing – and so much more. One of the best video production companies on our list, Ydraw builds every video on best-in-class research and creativity.

Website: Ydraw Website
Reviews: Ydraw Reviews

YDraw's website showcasing their animation services with the 'Best Video Production Companies' blue award badge for 2024.

12. Lemons

Points of note:

  1. Located Vilnius, Lithuania
  2. 10-50 employees
  3. 4.9/ 5 reviews

Given that Lemons has created animated videos for the likes of HP, Google, Unicef and T-Mobile, is it any wonder why they feature so highly on our list of the best video production companies in the world? Adept, creative and boundary-pushing, Lemons are an authoritative voice in the video production sector.

Website: Lemonds Website
Reviews: Lemonds Reviews

Lemons Animation Studio's website with a 'Best Video Production Companies' blue award badge, highlighting their commitment to unique storytelling.

13. Charter & Co

Points of note:

  1. Minimum project size £10,000+
  2. Founded 2018
  3. 1-10 employees

Charter & Co designs videos that convey extraordinary brand stories. Their in-house team of creatives, PPC experts, videographers, and Google Ads experts work side-by-side with businesses to discover what makes them tick, and then they create the perfect video that compliments that ethos.

Website: Charter & Co Website
Reviews: Charter & Co Reviews

Charter & Co's homepage with 'Best Video Production Companies' blue award badge, showcasing their commitment to telling extraordinary brand stories.

14. SGK

Points of note:

  1. Founded 1953
  2. £100-£150 / hr
  3. 1,000-10,000 employees

One of the most seasoned agencies on our list, SGK come from London and have been working within the advertising and video production sector since the 50s. Furthermore, SGK has a client list that would be the envy of any agency in the world, with brands including Amazon, American Express, Coca-Cola, Nike, Nestle, Heinz and so many more trusting them with their video production needs.

Website: SGK Website
Reviews: SGK Reviews

SGK's corporate website featuring the 'Best Video Production Companies' blue award badge, symbolizing global brand solutions.

15. The DVI Group

Points of note:

  1. 4.9/5 reviews
  2. Minimum project size £10,000+
  3. Founded 2000

The DVI Group is a comprehensive video communications company that has been working with brands and businesses for over 20 years. Having been involved in some of the most defining video ads of the last 20 years, The DVI Group are deserving of a place on our list thanks to their incredible work and their esteemed clients.

Website: The DVI Group Website
Reviews: The DVI Group Reviews

DVI Group homepage with 'Best Video Production Companies' blue award badge, highlighting their innovative business video solutions.

16. Covalent

Points of note:

  1. Minimum project size £5,000+
  2. 75% focus video production
  3. £150-£200 / hr

Covalent is a creative video production company specialising in creating unique stories to help brands connect with their customers and audiences. They’ve worked across the world with international, national, and local clients since their formation in 2012, and have developed a knack for translating messages and stories into inspiring and engaging content.

Website: Covalent Website
Reviews: Covalent Reviews

Covalent's homepage with 'Best Video Production Companies' blue award badge, showcasing a child's joyful moment.

17. Levitate Media

Points of note:

  1. 4.9/5 reviews
  2. Minimum project size £1,000+
  3. Founded 2009

Since 2009, Levitate Media has helped companies demonstrate their products and services through live and animated video productions. They have done this by building a world-class team of project managers, scriptwriters, graphic designers, and animators and developing a process that works for companies whatever their industry may be.

Website: Levitate Media Website
Reviews: Levitate Media Reviews

Levitate Media's website featuring enterprise video production services with the 'Best Video Production Companies' blue award badge for 2024

18. VeracityColab 

Points of note: 

  • 4.8/5 reviews
  • Minimum project size £10,000+
  • 2-9 employees

For almost two decades, VeracityColab has been helping brands create every type of video. Their expert team of storytellers know how to captivate an audience while staying true to what makes your business great. Located in the home of movie-making in the USA, VeracityColab has worked with everyone from Microsoft and Adidas to Eventbrite and Adobe, making them one of the most sought-after agencies in the world. 

Website: VeracityColab Website 

Reviews: VeracityColab Reviews 

VeracityColab's website with 'Best Video Production Companies' blue award badge, showcasing their expertise in effective video production.

19. Directive

Points of note: 

  • Founded 2014
  • 50-249 employees
  • Minimum project size £5,000 

Specialising in working with large tech companies – and having worked on videos for such brands as WordPress, Zoom and Sendoso – Directive claims to have generated over £1bn in revenue for its clients through its videos. Combining best-in-class video production with data-driven marketing, Directive is one of the most upwardly mobile agencies to look out for in 2024. 

Website: Directive Website

Reviews: Directive Reviews 

Directive's website banner with 'Best Video Production Companies' blue award badge, promoting engaging video content for tech companies.


20. Umault


Points of note: 

  • Minimum project size £10,000+
  • 2-9 employees
  • Founded 2010

Umault is a specialist B2B video advertising company that creates videos that boost brand awareness. Increasing ROI through outstanding video production, Umault creates campaigns that audiences remember. 

Website: Umault Website

Reviews: Umault Reviews 

Umault's website header showing 'Best Video Production Companies' blue award badge, promising engaging B2B video content.

How Do I Choose the Best Video Production Company?

There’s a lot of work that goes into choosing the right video production company. Finding any marketing agency isn’t easy, and choosing a video production company is even harder. But, when consulting a list with as many varied and established agencies as this, definitely makes the process a whole lot more manageable. 

From deciding on what price you want to pay to knowing what distinct type of style you want your videos to take, these are just some of the ways of selecting the best video production company for your brand. 

Why Invest in Video Production?

A bespoke rich media campaign can help you increase your ROI and boost brand awareness.

Whether it’s vibrant imagery, slick editing, or stunning cinematography, a leading video campaign can be filmed and positioned to target a wide demographic and increase everything from revenue to profit margin. 

In addition, with rich media ads and TikTok ads outperforming standard ads by a whopping 267%, there’s no time like the present to invest in video production. 

Best Video Production Companies: PPC Geeks

We pride ourselves on what we achieve for our clients daily, be that significant results or helping them to maximise their brand through video ads. Contact PPC Geeks to see how we can help transform your business in 2024 by helping you create everything from TikToks to jaw-dropping promo videos.  

We always have your best interests in mind. If you require any help or want to improve your PPC or Google Ads, then invest in one of our 100% FREE PPC audits



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