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21 Best Shopify Agencies in 2024


21 Best Shopify Agencies in 2024

***This post has been updated for 2024****

The very best Shopify agencies, much like the artisans of the digital era, sculpt websites that are not just functional but also resonate with your brand ethos. They delve into every crevice of possibility to amplify your online presence. Consider Shopify: a robust and licensed eCommerce platform that, over the last decade, has soared in popularity. Its user-friendly interface and seamless payment integrations are just the tip of the iceberg. The support, advice, and step-by-step guidance from a top-tier Google Shopping agency are truly invaluable. Moreover, some of the world’s most renowned PPC management experts, operating at the zenith of their craft, work at these agencies. They ensure a team of Google Ads specialists is always at your disposal to enhance your online strategy. Add to this the comprehensive PPC audit services, and you have a winning formula at hand. So, here are the 21 best Shopify agencies in the world right now, each a beacon of excellence in the digital marketplace.

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Who are the Best Shopify Agencies?

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And so we answer the question: Who are the best Shopify agencies in the world right now? It’s a hugely important question to ask oneself when searching for the right agency for your business.

List of The Best Shopify Agencies

Whether it’s an expert web agency or a dedicated PPC agency, these disciplines help inform what it takes to build a bespoke Shopify website. 

So, as you can see, knowing who the best Shopify agencies are can prove hugely beneficial. 

  1. Sunrise Integration 
  2. Dotlogics
  4. MTN Haus
  5. Bonsai Media Group 
  6. PB+J
  7. Propeller
  8. Ambaum
  9. BlueSwitch
  10. Spiral Scout 
  11. P2H Inc
  12. Adchitects
  13. Flatline Agency 
  14. Pivofy 
  15. Dynamic Dreamz
  16. Commerce-ui
  17. VT Labs
  18. SuperCo
  19. First Pier
  20. PROS
  21. Emizen Tech

There are several factors that make these 21 particular agencies the best Shopify agencies in the world. Here’s why in a bit more detail:

Best Shopify Agencies 1. Sunrise Integration

Points of note:

  1. 5/5 reviews
  2. Founded 1999
  3. Minimum project size £10,000+

Sunrise Integration crafts high-quality Shopify websites so your business can focus on succeeding and growing online. They specialise in helping both startups and Blue-Chip companies succeed in bringing their Shopify website projects to life. With clients such as DHL, Morphe and Live Nation, and with a 5/5 rating across the board, there’s no surprise to see Sunrise Integration feature highly on our list.

Website: Sunrise Integration Website
Reviews: Sunrise Integration Reviews

Image showing the website of Sunrise Integration, one of the Best Shopify Agencies

Best Shopify Agencies 2. Dotlogics

Points of note:

  1. 5/5 reviews
  2. £100-£150 / hr
  3. Key clients include McDonald’s, Brown University and Reiss

Specialising in Shopify websites and eCommerce web development, Dotlogics are a PPC agency and Shopify authority who have built websites for some of the world’s most established brands. Founded in 2007 in New York, Dotlogics is easily one of the best Shopify agencies in the world due to their meticulous obsession with detail and absolutely jaw-dropping output.

Website: Dotlogics Website
Reviews: Dotlogics Reviews

Image showing the website of Dotlogics, one of the Best Shopify Agencies

Best Shopify Agencies 3. MOBIKASA

Points of note:

  1. Minimum project size £10,000+
  2. 90% focus eCommerce development
  3. Key clients include Versace, Columbia University and Mavi Jeans

With clients such as Versace and Columbia University respectively, it comes as no surprise that MOBIKASA features so highly on our countdown of the world’s best Shopify agencies. This eCommerce agency is a team of experts at guiding and helping their clients to launch the best Shopify website possible – and thanks to MOBIKASA, whether their customers are Google Ads experts or complete industry novices, they are guaranteed a level of service that is unprecedented.

Website: MOBIKASA Website
Reviews: MOBIKASA Reviews

Image showing the website of MOBIKASA, one of the Best Shopify Agencies

Best Shopify Agencies 4. MTN Haus

Points of note:

  1. Minimum project £5,000+
  2. 10-50 employees
  3. Located Denver, CO

MTN Haus provides end-to-end eCommerce solutions for B2C brands. They pride themselves on being passionate problem solvers and being able to develop a brand by building a state-of-the-art Shopify website. Founded in 2016, MTN Haus is, without question, one of the best web development and Shopify agencies in America and across the world.

Website: MTN Haus Website
Reviews: MTN Haus Reviews

Image showing the website of MTN Haus, one of the Best Shopify Agencies

Best Shopify Agencies 5. Bonsai Media Group

Points of note:

  1. Located Seattle
  2. Key clients include Amazon, University of Washington and Taco Time
  3. Minimum project size £25,000+

A verified Shopify agency based in the tech capital of the world, Seattle, Bonsai Media Group develops intuitive websites and apps for some of the largest and fastest-growing companies in the world. Working  with the biggest outsourced Google Shopping agency and the world’s most renowned brands, Bonsai Media Group prides itself on being a safe pair of hands who build your website ‘the way you would do it, if you had a thousand more hours in the day.’

Website: Bonsai Media Group Website
Reviews: Bonsai Media Group Reviews

Image showing the website of Bonsai Media Group, one of the Best Shopify Agencies

Best Shopify Agencies 6. PB+J

Points of note:

  1. Minimum project size £25,000+
  2. Founded 2013
  3. 65% eCommerce development focus

Pb+j transforms digital brands into enduring classics by building them a transformative Shopify website. Their experience of expertise is in working side-by-side with business leaders at a critical point of their website development journey, and thus later creating them a Shopify website they can be immensely proud of. Discover more about Christmas marketing strategies for eCommerce websites as the holiday season approaches.

Website: PB+J Website
Reviews: PB+J Reviews

Image showing the website of PB+J, one of the Best Shopify Agencies

Best Shopify Agencies 7. Propeller

Points of note:

  1. 4.9/5 reviews
  2. Located London, UK
  3. Key clients include Kelloggs, Q Hotels, Twinings

With esteemed brands such as Kellogg’s, QHotels, and Twinings choosing to host their websites with Propeller, it comes as no surprise that they appear on our list of the best Shopify agencies. Propeller has a varied tool kit that includes the expected Shopify assets, but also tools such as PPC audits and eCommerce strategising respectively.

Website: Propeller Website
Reviews: Propeller Reviews

Image showing the website of Propeller, one of the Best Shopify Agencies

Best Shopify Agencies 8. Ambaum

Points of note:

  1. Minimum project size £5,000+
  2. 2-10 employees
  3. Founded 2012

Combining the worlds of design, development and growth marketing to drive results for your Shopify website, Ambaum is a Seattle-based web development agency that specialises in app development and website construction. With a range of clients including the likes of Inside Weather, Pair of Thieves and BulletProof, Ambaum is simply exceptional at building eCommerce websites and Shopify interfaces.

Website: Ambaum Website
Reviews: Ambaum Reviews

Image showing the website of Ambaum, one of the Best Shopify Agencies

Best Shopify Agencies 9. BlueSwitch

Points of note:

  1. Minimum project size £50,000+
  2. 10-50 employees
  3. Located New York, NY

BlueSwitch is a digital marketing and web design agency based in New York, NY. Their expert team of Shopify developers, UX designers and project managers guarantee to take your business to the next level through the power of Shopify. Their clients range from Blue Chip companies to ever-growing startups, whilst their incredible work has easily secured them a place on this list of the 21 best Shopify agencies in the world.

Website: BlueSwitch Website
Reviews: BlueSwitch Reviews

 Image showing the website of BlueSwitch, one of the Best Shopify Agencies

Best Shopify Agencies 10. Spiral Scout

Points of note:

  1. 4.9/5 reviews
  2. Key clients include Zoom, Coca Cola and Adobe
  3. Located San Francisco, CA

Since their formation in 2010, Spiral Scout have worked with some of the world’s most recognisable brands, building them the best Shopify website to match their incredible work ethic, ethos and brand guidelines. They are truly deserving of both their amazing reviews and a place on our list.

Website: Spiral Scout Website
Reviews: Spiral Scout Reviews

Image showing the website of Spiral Scout, one of the Best Shopify Agencies

Onto the Best Shopify Agencies 11 – 21:

11. P2H Inc

Points of note:

  1. Minimum project size £1,000+
  2. 250-1,000 emplotes
  3. 5/5 reviews

One of the best Shopify agencies in the world right now, P2H Inc can name the likes of Red Bull, Qantas, Maersk, Life 360 and Gamestub as their trusted clients. A leading provider of web development and Shopify solutions, P2H Inc build unrivalled platforms for accelerating the growth of some of the world’s biggest eCommerce and B2B businesses.

Website: P2H Inc Website
Reviews: P2H Inc Reviews

12. Adchitects

Points of note:

  1. Minimum project size £25,000+
  2. Located Poznan, Poland
  3. Founded 2016

Adchitects is a leading Shopify agency and B2C product marketing agency based in Poland. Specialising in web, eCommerce and mobile app development, an Adchitect website is built on transparency and communication, making them one of the best Shopify agencies in both Europe and the world.

Website: Adchitects Website
Reviews: Adchitects Reviews

13. Flatline Agency

Points of note:

  1. Key clients include Budwiser, MG Motors and Mystic
  2. 4.9/5 reviews
  3. £100-£150 / hr

Flatline Agency is a global disruptor in customised Shopify websites. Flatine’s USP is that they push the boundaries of what a web agency can achieve, delivering high-quality, impactful websites for a litany of world-renowned clients such as Budwiser and MG Motors. Future proof and visually stunning, Flatline Agency are certainly some of the best website builders in the world. In addition to sprucing up your website’s look and feel, find out more ways to get more traffic to your company website.

Website: Flatline Agency Website
Reviews: Flatline Agency Reviews

14. Pivofy

Points of note:

  1. Located Chicago, IL
  2. 2-10 employees
  3. 100% eCommerce focus

Pivofy is a Chicago based agency specialiased in implementing end-to-end eCommerce solutions, executing brand-driven and user-centric strategies, creating exceptional Shopify and mobile user experiences. Quite simply, Pivofy are exceptional website builders, and are therefore fully deserving of a place on our list. With Pivofy factoring in the mobile user experience, learn more about mobile marketing and the challenges and opportunities of a cookieless future.

Website: Pivofy Website
Reviews: Pivofy Reviews

15. Dynamic Dreamz

Points of note:

  1. Located Surat, India
  2. Founded 2004
  3. £25-£50 / hr

Dynamic Dreamz is not just another eCommerce agency. Passionate about creating additional value for their clients through building them the best Shopify website imaginable, Dynamic Dreamz are adept, creative, technical and outstanding at creating exceptional B2B and B2C eCommerce websites for clients across the world.

Website: Dynamic Dreamz Website
Reviews: Dynamic Dreamz Reviews

16. Commerce-ui

Points of note:

  1. Key clients include Rolex, Blackroll and Hunter
  2. 5/5 reviews
  3. Founded 2015

Commerce-ui believes that the online shopping experience, and thus a Shopify website, requires a combination of meticulous design and forward-thinking tech. It is this school of thought that has seen them rise to the upper echelons of website development, making them, without a doubt, one of the best Shopify agencies in the world – so much so that the likes of Rolex and Hunter trust them with their eCommerce strategy.

Website: Commerce-ui Website
Reviews: Commerce-ui Reviews

17. VT Labs

Points of note:

  1. Minimum project size £5,000+
  2. 70% eCommerce focused
  3. Located Tallinn, Estonia

VT Labs are exceptional website developers and specialise in building the best Shopify websites on the market. Founded in 2016, and serving some of the best clients in Europe, VT Labs is a family-owned company that provides custom solutions for everyone from Rokoko to Vesta Sleep.

Website: VT Labs Website
Reviews: VT Labs Reviews

18. SuperCo

Points of note:

  1. 100% eCommerce development focused
  2. 10-50 employees
  3. Located London, UK

SuperCo helps businesses launch and grow their eCommerce platforms via Shopify. Since 2019, SuperCo has worked with over 80 businesses including Bespoke British Hampers, Fuel10k and Cult Mia. With 5/5 reviews across the board, SuperCo is one of the best Shopify agencies the UK has to offer.

Website: SuperCo Website
Reviews: SuperCo Reviews

19. First Pier

Points of note:

  1. Minimum project size £10,000+
  2. £150-£200 / h
  3. 4.8/5 reviews

A one-stop shop for everything Shopify related, First Pier are exceptional website builders whilst also excelling at product photography and content writing – all of which makes your website the best it can possibly be.

Website: First Pier Website
Reviews: First Pier Reviews

20. PROS

Points of note:

  1. Founded 1996
  2. Located San Diego, CA
  3. 10-50 employees

A perfect mix of digital marketing and technological advancement, PROS are literal pros at developing Shopify websites. Their team of professional experts has delivered leading, cutting edge, scalable and flexible websites for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Website: PROS Website
Reviews: PROS Reviews

21. Emizen Tech

Points of note: 

  • Founded 2013
  • Located Jaipur, India
  • 50-249 employees

An acclaimed agency with expertise in delivering top line Shopify solutions for its clients, Emizen Tech is one of the most upwardly mobile Shopify agencies in the world. Delivering the most scalable Shopify websites, Emizen Tech is trusted by some of the world’s biggest companies to handle their IT and web needs. 

Website: Emizen Tech Website

Reviews: Emizen Tech Reviews



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