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Welcome to the PPC Geeks Monthly Updates for August 2021


PPC News August, 2021: In this month’s roundup, we examine everything from the practices in regard to Google smart shopping, to smart bidding and the intricacies involved, to Mark Lee joining the PPC Geeks team as our newest Account Manager, whilst both him and Siobhain McConnell passed their Google Ads Exams this month.

We love looking back over the previous month as it’s so rewarding to see the hardwork and dedication the team have put in on behalf of our clients, And, it’s even more rewarding when our good month is reflected in our PPC Geeks TrustPilot reviews!

So without further ado, let’s get started.

Google Smart Shopping Best Practices

Overview: We began August by taking a closer look at Google smart shopping best practices. Google smart shopping is an automated bidding process within Google ads. The platform uses a form of AI to optimise your shopping campaign, continuously tweaking it in line with your budget.

Key Findings: Underpinned by data insights and performance metrics, it’s important to be aware of a number of things when it comes to Google smart shopping including data integrity, product targeting, catagorising your products and always being aware of landing page irregularities. Indeed, saving you time and money, Google smart shopping guarantees more value for money.

Google Ads Exams: Siobhain McConnell is Fully Google Ad Certified for 2021-2022

Overview: August saw us celebrate our very own Siobhain McConnell who passed her Google Ads Exams, becoming fully certified for 2021-2022. From measurement certification to Google Ads Apps certification and much, much more, everyone here at PPC Geeks is extremely proud to work with such an experienced team in terms of PPC advertising.

Key Findings: Exhibiting a depth of experience like no other, to be Google Ads certified has proven to be very worthwhile in securing new clients, improving relationships and impressing the wider sector. Indeed, what Siobhain’s certification shows is that we can be trusted with your business and its PPC output.

Smart Bidding: How to Bid Like a Pro in Google Ads

Overview: Google smart bidding is defined as ‘auction-time bidding.’ From enhanced CPC to Target ROAS, there are a number of automated smart bidding strategies to be aware of and understand, all of which we outlined in detail in August’s blog.

Key Findings: In terms of best practices patience is key. Furthermore, it’s always important not to make continuous changes to your campaign, whilst we also found that it’s vital you’re realistic when trying to reduce your target CPA. As such, it’s helpful to be up to date with how to use Google smart bidding.

Mark Lee Joins PPC Geeks as Account Manager

Overview: In August, PPC Geeks were extremely happy to welcome Mark Lee to the team. Responsible for managing PPC accounts, whilst also focusing on other important metrics. Mark said, “I am incredibly excited to be working in collaboration with this professional and experienced team that is incredibly focused on achieving client KPIs.”

Key Findings: “Mark’s addition to the team reflects our continued ambition to strengthen our existing and new client base offerings as we take the agency to another level.” Indeed, Mark has a seriously impressive proven track record of results, that’s why he is a great addition to the team.

Google Ads Exams: Mark Lee is Fully Google Ad Certified for 2021-2022

Overview: The end of August saw us congratulate our newest member of the team, Mark Lee, who passed his Google Ads Exams recently, becoming fully certified for 2021-2022. From measurement certification to Google Ads Apps certification, everyone here at PPC Geeks is extremely proud to work with such an experienced professional such as Mark.

Key Findings: Exhibiting a depth of experience, to be Google Ads certified has proven to be very worthwhile in terms of business growth. Indeed, what Mark’s qualification shows is that we can be trusted with your business. Find out here if Google PPC is worth it for your brand?

PPC News – August, 2021

We hope you enjoyed our monthly PPC Geeks update for August. The team and I are always happy to share our successes with you, plus numerous tips, suggestions and hints. And, for even more help from the guys here at PPC Geeks, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

And, in the meantime, why not take advantage of our free Facebook Ads audit?

Feel free to share this post or check out last month’s roundup.



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