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The Prince’s Trust – Google Ads Case Study

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"More traffic and better Google Ads Grant Usage"

The Prince's Trust tasked us with enhancing their exposure among key demographics, with defined objectives concerning budget management and the identification of fundraising prospects. Furthermore, our remit included promoting awareness among young people about the availability of complimentary support and services.

Within the initial month, our campaign successfully elevated online visibility, improved the click-through rate, and enhanced the conversion rate, all the while adhering to the allocated budget.

Our primary contribution was to significantly increase their web traffic. Prior to our involvement, The Prince's Trust had not effectively implemented conversion tracking, nor were they fully utilising their grant budget.

Logo of The Prince's Trust, featuring a stylized feather quill forming a letter 'P' with the organisation's name in modern typography beside it

“The work Siobhain and the team at PPCGeeks did brought important structure to our account. All our important metrics immediately increased, and we were incredibly appreciative of their expert handling of our many campaigns and their complexities.”

Lia Kelly – Senior Marketing & Digital Manager

The Challenge 🧐

Immediate Action Required: The client necessitated swift action on their account, necessitating light management to enhance performance simultaneously with our onboarding process.

Google Grants Budget Utilisation: The client faced challenges with maximising their Google Grant budget due to the restrictions inherent in Google Grant accounts.

Conversion Tracking Setup: Establishing conversion tracking was problematic, both on the main website and across various partner sites.

Event Campaign Management: The organisation frequently hosted annual and one-off events, requiring the rapid development of new campaigns and tracking systems.

Navigating Google Ads Grants: Our team provided guidance and strategies to navigate the complexities of Google Ads Grants, ensuring efficient utilisation of the available funds.

Tracking and Engagement Challenges: We addressed the difficulty in monitoring visibility, engagement, and conversions by implementing a comprehensive tracking strategy in line with Google's best practices.

Diverse Subdomains: The client's multiple subdomains, each with unique messaging and target demographics, required tailored campaign setups, audience targeting, and timely scheduling.

Youth Engagement: By refining messaging within the existing brand guidelines and targeting specific locations, age groups, and search intents, we enhanced engagement with young people, aligning with The Prince's Trust's primary mission.

The Impact 🦾

Tracking Overhaul: In the initial four weeks, we completely revamped the client's tracking system, ensuring accurate measurement of user interactions and conversions.

Demographic Targeting: Our strategies involved identifying and engaging with the correct demographics, leading to more effective ad placements and messaging.

Traffic Increase: Post-implementation of these strategies, there was a noticeable uplift in website traffic, indicating higher visibility in target markets.

Enhanced Engagement: Alongside traffic, user engagement with the site's content improved, reflecting a more invested audience.

Conversion Growth: The culmination of these efforts was a tangible increase in conversions, demonstrating the effectiveness of our targeted approach and tracking enhancements.

The Outcome 💥

  • First 3 months (compared YoY)
  • 241% increase in impressions
  • 101% increase in clicks
  • 1410% increase in spend (full Google Grant budget spent)

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increase in impressions


increase in clicks


increase in spend (full Google Grant budget spent)


INCREASE IN conversions

The Brief:

  • For the first few months primary focus was volume of sign ups.
  • Strategy to maintain sign ups long term
  • Create new campaigns to support events (e.g. Palace 2 Palace, Charity Runs, Brilliant Breakfast)
  • Overhaul and optimise existing campaigns
  • Create new campaigns for micro-sites
  • Target a fundraising demographic to encourage sign ups & donations
  • Get the message out to a younger demographic that free support and assistance is available
  • Reproportion budget according to priority events/activities
  • Fully optimise the Google Paid Search Ads Grant for optimal spend and effectiveness
  • Report on traffic and engagement from both the fundraising demographic as well as the young people who benefit from support
  • Advise on short and long term strategy
Confidence, courses, careers The Prince's Trust 2023-12-05 at 12.35.54 pm (1)

Short-Term Results

During onboarding we saw the potential for an immediate improvement just by setting up effective conversion tracking and switching the bidding strategy to use conversion focused smart bidding. The previous use of manual CPC was capped by Google Ads Grants policy to a maximum of $2/click, so by focusing on conversions and using smart bidding we were able to massively increase their spend and sign-ups before refining their performance through campaign restructuring, best practice settings, new ad copy and an in-depth search query review.

Long-Term Results

Over 6 months of management, we consistently made optimal use of the Google Ads Grant while at the same time balancing advertising for multiple events, as well as consistent and successful advertising of the core support services to young people in need.

How We Did It:

Initially expanding their offering by developing their Search & Shopping campaigns to run more efficiently

Undertook market analysis to support the client launch & evolve their refurbished technology products

Ran experiments to gain insight to how broad match keywords could drive sales & other enquiries

Setting up conversion tracking and switching to Smart Bidding to work better within the limits of Google Ad Grant restrictions.

Trialled changing the names of products to see if this made them more attractive to users

Moved some of the shopping campaigns over to Performance Max

Identifying those products that are high margin, that have a high CTR & lower CPC

Restructured campaigns to improve data gathering and cut down on wasted spend.

Developed new ad copy to replace outdated ad formats

Developed new negative keyword lists to improve on search relevance

Worked with the client’s branding guidelines to create effective campaigns to advertise upcoming events

About The Prince's Trust

At The Prince’s Trust, we believe that every young person should have the chance to succeed, no matter their background or the challenges they are facing.

We help young people from disadvantaged communities and those facing the greatest adversity by supporting them to build the confidence and skills to live, learn and earn.

Our courses, resources and other support help people aged 11 to 30 to develop essential life skills, get ready for work and access job opportunities. We support young people to find work because having a job or running a business can lead to a more stable, fulfilling life.

Confidence, courses, careers The Prince's Trust 2023-12-05 at 12.35.54 pm (1)


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Quotes from The Prince’s Trust

“The work Siobhain and the team at PPCGeeks did brought important structure to our account. All our important metrics immediately increased, and we were incredibly appreciative of their expert handling of our many campaigns and their complexities.”


Lia Kelly – Senior Marketing & Digital Manager

Quotes from PPC Geeks

“We had to navigate carefully due to the restrictions, limitations and strict guidelines of the Google Ads Grant. Our first-class communications, transparency and experience helped to move The Princes Trust towards more effective use of the Grant. ”

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