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Magnitude QS | From no PPC presence to multi-million-pound projects

PPC Success Stories

"From no PPC presence to multi-million-pound projects"

Our team of experts at PPC Geeks worked closely with Magnitude QS to develop and implement highly targeted PPC campaigns that delivered outstanding results.

By leveraging our extensive experience and industry knowledge, we were able to optimise their ad spend and help significantly increase their brand exposure. This led to higher ad rankings, increased click-through rates, and ultimately, more qualified leads for Magnitude QS.

Our partnership not only drove immediate business growth but also positioned PPC Geeks as the go-to agency for strategic PPC management. Trust us to transform your PPC campaigns and unlock your business's full potential.


"Professional, approachable and delivers results. Fantastic service and highly recommended if you want to grow your business”

Martin Trimble - Managing Director

The Challenge 🧐

Magnitude QS had never run PPC ads before.

The Impact 🦾

200% ROI in the first month to 500% ROI in the second month

The Outcome 💥🚀

PPC Leads we generated lead to pitches for multi-million-pound projects cementing PPC Geeks as the strategic partner for PPC


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Conversion increase


CPA decrease


CTR increase


CPC decrease

The Brief:

Magnitude QS started working with PPC Geeks needing us to create Google Ads campaigns from scratch in order to build their PPC presence in a highly competitive industry and generate relevant leads through targeted ads and keywords.



ROI In The First Month


ROI in the second month

Short-Term Results:

Very quickly we had taken the new account from strength to strength. Within the first three months, we had increased ROI substantially. Hitting 500% ROI by the second month.

Long-Term Results:

Magnitude QS has been our client for over two years now and we have consulted on many aspects including landing pages. Creating new campaigns that complement their expansion plans.


CTR increase


CPA Below Target

How We Did It:

Used Google’s advanced AI bidding strategies to help us deliver the best results for the client’s budget

Assigned more budget to the campaigns that were working best

Created ad copies and keywords that targeted users in these specific geographical locations

Added a raft of negative keywords to ensure that a vast majority of clicks and leads were highly relevant

In-depth reviews of landing pages and CRO advice to increase conversion rates

Built geo-specific campaigns to focus on the client’s key areas and audience

The Journey To Success For 

 Magnitude QS

The longest journey starts with the first step and your brand's success is no different. This is why we start every conversation by auditing your accounts. This allows us to work out if we can help you reach your brand's goals. Our audits are free and you are under no obligation to use us to fix any issues we might find. We believe in your success.


How The Journey Started

Free Consultation & Audit

Image showing the first three pages of the 100% Free Pay Per Click Audit produced by the PPC Geeks

PPC Geeks conducted a free consultation, PPC audit and market analysis to show Magnitude QS what the market conditions for their industry looked like and showed in detail if it was possible to run an account profitably in this industry.

How The Journey Started

Onboarding at PPC Geeks

Two Weeks Onboarding Starts

Google Ads Agency

The team at Magnitude QS gave us a chance and we started the two weeks Onboarding process. This is an in-depth process that helps us and our clients to learn more about each other.

The 8 Stages of Onboarding

Meet Your Client Manager

Technical Set Up

Advertising Objectives: Deep Dive

Tracking Implementation

STARS Strategy & KPIs

Review Ad Copy

Live Launch

Monthly Optimisations

Onboarding at PPC Geeks

Setting Up For Success & Go-Live

Expert PPC Team

We assembled our amazing team of PPC Experts onto the account. As this was a new account we built it for success after spend time getting to know Magnitude QS, their wants and needs. We research, build and got their new account build set up. Then it was time to Go Live! We launched the new brand which far exceeded initial revenue targets in the first year.

Setting Up For Success & Go-Live

Short Term Wins

Stand-Out Achievements

There have been many great results with Magnitude QS over the years and it has been our pleasure to help them grow.

  • 200% ROI in the first month
  • 500% ROI in the second month
  • PPC Leads we generated lead to pitches for multi-million-pound projects
  • PPC leads at 40% below target cost
Short Term Wins

Landing Pages & CRO Advice

What Moves The Needle

We take a holistic approach to PPC management and will consult on content, landing page creation and design. We helped advise on the new website to maximise PPC opportunities. We helped implement Call Tracking Solution for Lead Transparency. Consulted on CRM implementation to get closed-loop attribution on leads to close. Overall helping to set them up for success at many different levels.

Landing Pages & CRO Advice

Going For Growth

Further Expansion Inline With KPIs

As you will likely know growing accounts is critical to the survival of many brands. Having experience in scaling brands inline with KPIs is where we excel. We were able to increase spending due to the fantastic results and ROI driven by PPC. Split testing new service ideas to help identify missed opportunities and further areas for growth. Market research for new office locations and surrounding demand.

Going For Growth

Another Record-Breaking Month

Continued Refinement & Expansion

We successfully launched new office locations around the UK. This enabled Magnitude QS to bring in local customers and establish a brand presence. We also ran brand protection against aggressive competitors. Expanding further into focused LinkedIn advertising targeting ideal customers based on existing customer lists and key industry companies to attract larger ongoing client initiatives.

Another Record-Breaking Month

Brand Consultancy & Support

Ongoing Improvements

We supported on consistent brand assets for PPC ads, from the web through to display and remarketing ads to achieve a consistent brand launch across multiple on and offline channels and events.

Brand Consultancy & Support

Regular Monthly Improvements

Monthly Optimisations

We are data-driven growth marketers and as campaigns mature, we feed the data back into the PPC STARS Strategy and make data-backed informed decisions. The outcome of this is further improvement of the results and continued expansion to capture more of the available market inline with the KPIs.

Regular Monthly Improvements

More Record Results & Growth

Drops In CPAs & CPCs

Continued month after month improvements and marginal gains compound to mean large strides in results over consistent periods. Click Through Rate up, Cost Per Acquisition down and record levels of Conversions! This results in more record results and growth for the Magnitude QS brand.

More Record Results & Growth

What Do PPC Geeks Say?

Great Brand To Work With

PPC Geeks Team Photo

The team at Magnitude QS have been great to work with. They are responsive and take our advise onboard to help grow their brand.

"When faced with the task of generating leads for this client, we felt it was important to undertake due diligence on their landing pages. This allowed us to suggest CRO changes that were implemented swiftly. Once the pages were in place, we were able to generate the 30 qualified leads per month using geographically targeted keywords and ads that spoke directly to their target audience"
PPC Geeks Team

What Do PPC Geeks Say?

What Does Magnitude Say?

Professional & Highly Recommended

“We have done £11.2mill in quotes in the first 2 years of business. PPC has been a major driver of that.”
Martin Trimble - Managing Director

What Does Magnitude Say?

About Magnitude QS

Magnitude QS is a RICS Regulated Chartered Quantity Surveyors and Construction Management Consultants serving the UK. They offer a huge range of Quantity Surveying services for private clients and contractors, delivering over £1 Billion of construction projects. Their goals are to minimise construction risks such as overspending, disputes and late delivery through their dedicated and process-driven practices.


This is what your brand’s journey could look like


Book your free consultation with Ste one of our resident PPC experts. Ste will help you drive better results with world-class Google Ads PPC Management.

In the first six months of 2022, we generated an average of 10.1x ROAS for our ecommerce clients.

  • We manage over £1.5 million in Google Ads each month
  • We generated an average 10x ROAS for our eComm clients in Q1 & Q2 of 2022
  • We are Google Ads Premier Partner, in the top 3% of Google Ads Agencies

Our Google Ads audits have helped improve PPC results for over 150 brands and counting. Each audit is packed with custom advice on how to make your PPC spend work harder to generate more revenue and higher ROAS.

Quotes from Magnitude QS

“We live in data ourselves, so we've really liked the PPC Geeks approach in being able to tell us exactly what leads they've got us and when. We log this in our CRM as our sales cycles can be long, but it helps us measure how PPC works for us over time."

"PPC Geeks always go above and beyond for us, they recently gave great help when we had a web design agency revamp our brand, and have helped us launch several new services since our inception where we had no prior marketing presence. Always done fast and professionally. They are highly responsive."


Martin Trimble - Managing Director

Quotes from PPC Geeks

"The key thing we as a team understood for this client was that they can get projects in worth a few hundred pounds or multi-million pounds deals. By making sure we position them in their key markets with location targeting, as well as split testing messaging helps us to keep their deal flow but also get them in front of the bigger projects"

This is a glimpse of our PPC Geeks Team Banner, which includes photos of our staff. We're showcasing everybody who makes up PPC Geeks as we're seeking the best candidate for this WFH Account Manager position through our Google Ads Job search.

PPC Geeks Team

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65% increase in revenue over 6 months
921% Increase in CTR
YoY Conversion Rate increase of 105%
YoY eCommerce Revenue Up 42%
Revenue and Sales up 85%
33% Increase of Conversion Rate
35% decrease in Cost per Conversion
Conversion Rate Increased by 88%
Return on Ad Spend up 241%
107% Lead Increase & Long Term Growth
22% Decrease in Cost Per Lead
Revenue up 135%
CPAs 57% Below Target
Lead volume up 203%
142% Increase in Conversions
81% Increase in Revenue
Cost Per Lead down 44%
Conversions Up 471% Year Over Year
Return On Ad Spend up 3,197%
71% Increase In Sales
Conversions up 993%
215% Conversion Increase
ROAS up 57% and CPA down 40%
Conversion Rate Up 251%
500% Rise in Conversions
Conversion Rate Up 251.31%
83% Increase in Revenue
14.67% Reduction in Cost Per Conversion
Sales Increased 61.62%
109% ROI increase within the first 90 days
Cut Wasted Ad Spend by £7,000 per Month
Impression share up 80%
Lead Volume Up 266%
96% increase in Conversion Rate
Increased Conversions by 331%
58% Conversion Rate Increase

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