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Housing Hand

Housing Hand

“10/10 and would definitely recommend”
“Insurance Specialist Conversions Increase 69.19% ”

Spend Up: 46%

All conversions: Up 69.19%

Conversion Rate Up: 251.31%

All conversion rate up: 16.25%

SIS (search impression share) up: 39.37%

One of the highest respected rent guarantor specialists Housing Hand helps students both in the UK and internationally and professionals to rent a property in the UK by providing them a guarantor. Housing Hand makes the entire renting process from start to finish seamless. With an intuitive application process Housing Hand are able to display hundreds of great reviews from their happy customers.


How we did it

Advanced campaign restructure and expansion (UK & Worldwide)

Experiments on bidding strategies to maximise ROAS

SKAGs (Single keyword ad groups)

Specialist segmented remarking and RLSAs creation and deployment

Ongoing ROAS focused granular optimsations (demographics/TOD/DOW/GEO etc)

Ongoing ROAS focused granular optimsations (demographics/TOD/DOW/GEO etc)

Continual ad copy A.B testing

“10/10 and would definitely recommend.
I would say 10/10 and would definitely recommend! I certainly have done by word of mouth! The main reasons being the way everything is explained in as simple terms as possible as well as with frank consideration of our aims and the extra work they do outside of their remit to ensure we're getting the best results (i.e. analytics revenue set up and assistance). Thanks”


~ Joe - Marketing Manager

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