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home banner 2 - Facebook Ads Skinny Food Co

Facebook Ads Skinny Food Co

home banner 2 - Facebook Ads Skinny Food Co

Will your company be our next happy PPC client ?

“They are by far the best PPC specialist firm I have worked with and you will not be disappointed”
“ROAS up 124% in Month One”

Spend Increase: 56.14%

May ROAS Increase: 124.71%

Revenue Increase: 282.33%

Having greatly improved the performance of their Google Ads campaigns, the client came to us for assistance with their Facebook Ads. The brief was straightforward but ambitious, completely reorganise the account with new campaigns to increase revenue and improve ROAS. Once this was achieved, spend was to be increased to capitalise on the improvement and further grow the business.

After much analysis and optimisation, here is a comparison of KPIs from the month before we took over to the month after we took over.

skinny food - Facebook Ads Skinny Food Co

Company Bio:

The Skinny Food Co was founded in May 2018 by James Whiting & Wayne Starkey as they discovered a need for great tasting healthy products. Fuelled by diabetic family members that avoid so many favoured foods the brand was born into the launch of Zero Calorie Sauces. Due to the huge success of the company launch and many loyal customers, The Skinny Food Co continue to work hard on developing what their customers want and most importantly NEED.

How we did it:

Creation of more targeted audiences based on customer profile

Use of different ad types

In-depth analysis of historical performance

Continual testing of demographics and interests

Retargeting based on website visits & abandoned baskets

Ads placed on the most profitable platforms and placements

Individual campaigns for different product types

Regular performance analysis and optimisation

Over the past 20 years, I have come across a lot of PPC organisations that claim to be the best and so on. But when I spoke on the phone with Chris and his colleagues and saw the way PPC Geeks went into detail and conducted their works and followed reports, I knew there was something different about this company. They are by far the best PPC specialist firm I have worked with and you will not be disappointed. They do more and beyond than what they say on the tin!

~ Tony Hayer, Projects Manager

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