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My Nametags

PPC Success Stories

My Nametags: Conversion Rate Up: 251.31%

As a team of digital marketing experts with over 20 years of experience, we have witnessed countless success stories, but none quite like the transformation we achieved for My Nametags through our PPC management services at PPC Geeks.

Our tailored approach propelled their PPC results to new heights, captivating brand owners and digital marketing managers throughout the UK. By meticulously analysing their target audience and fine-tuning their ad campaigns, we significantly increased their click-through rates and conversions, delivering tangible and measurable results.

With our expertise and dedication, My Nametags experienced a remarkable boost in their online visibility and revenue. Discover how PPC Geeks can revolutionise your PPC strategy today.


“Working with PPC Geeks
The team at PPC Geeks have been a pleasure to work with. Communicative at all times, with detailed reporting. They are always happy to adjust to the needs of our business and find the best solutions for us..”


The Challenge 🧐

My Nametags was founded in 2004 by Lars B. Andersen out of the need to label his own children’s clothing. Since then, his goal has been to create the best labels in the world. From these humble beginnings, this focus on quality has seen them develop a global presence, selling his labels in over 130 countries!

The Impact 🦾

As such My Nametags wanted to push more sales and improve the conversion rate and reach a greater audience. Our Pay Per Click Experts got to work on what was already a very large and high spending account and in a very short period of time had recorded record-breaking results with Conversion Rates up 251%, Cost Per Sale up just 1.58% with total conversions (sales) up 18% and revenue up 17%.

The Outcome 💥🚀

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  • 18.42% conversions UP
  • 1.58% Cost Per conversion Up Just
  • 251.31% conversion Rate Up
  • 17.09% Sales/Revenue Up

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“Pleasure To Work With”
“Conversion Rate Up: 251.31% YoY”

Conversions: Up 18.42% YoY

Cost Per Conversion Up Just: 1.58%

Conversion Rate Up: 251.31%

Sales/Revenue: Up 17.09% YoY

SIS (Search Impression Share): Up 9.53% YoY

My Nametags has sold its high-quality labels to 127 countries across the world. Receiving the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade. Across the globe The Queen's Award is recognised as a reward for business performance. It is also indicative of a quality standard of customer service as well as treatment of staff. Since My Nametags started in 2004, they have focused on making the absolute best nametags possible. Some of the things that they are proud of are the 10 year washing guarantee, their almost 100% customer satisfaction rating, they have been independently tested to have the best labels in the UK.

My Nametags

How we did it

Granular campaign expansion (UK & Worldwide)

SPAGs (Single Product Ad Groups) and Dynamic Bid Automation for eCommerce

50% traffic split experiments on bidding strategies

SKAGs (Single keyword ad groups)

Advanced product expansion for maximum ROI

Dedicated campaign level remarking and RLSAs

Ongoing ROAS focused granular optimsations (demographics/TOD/DOW/GEO etc)

Continual ad copy A.B testing

“Working with PPC Geeks
The team at PPC Geeks have been a pleasure to work with. Communicative at all times, with detailed reporting. They are always happy to adjust to the needs of our business and find the best solutions for us..”


~ James

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65% increase in revenue over 6 months
921% Increase in CTR
YoY Conversion Rate increase of 105%
YoY eCommerce Revenue Up 42%
Revenue and Sales up 85%
33% Increase of Conversion Rate
35% decrease in Cost per Conversion
Conversion Rate Increased by 88%
Return on Ad Spend up 241%
107% Lead Increase & Long Term Growth
22% Decrease in Cost Per Lead
Revenue up 135%
CPAs 57% Below Target
Lead volume up 203%
142% Increase in Conversions
81% Increase in Revenue
Cost Per Lead down 44%
Conversions Up 471% Year Over Year
Return On Ad Spend up 3,197%
71% Increase In Sales
Conversions up 993%
215% Conversion Increase
ROAS up 57% and CPA down 40%
Conversion Rate Up 251%
500% Rise in Conversions
Conversion Rate Up 251.31%
83% Increase in Revenue
14.67% Reduction in Cost Per Conversion
Sales Increased 61.62%
109% ROI increase within the first 90 days
Cut Wasted Ad Spend by £7,000 per Month
Impression share up 80%
Lead Volume Up 266%
96% increase in Conversion Rate
Increased Conversions by 331%
58% Conversion Rate Increase

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