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Food and Drinks Startup

Food & Drinks Startup (under NDA): Revenue up 281%

Google Ads (Shopping, Search, Display, Retargeting) 

The Brief:

Food and Drinks Startup under NDA is a textbook example of innovation and digital disruption meeting cutting edge technology.

The brief was simple enough they wanted to increase market share and brand awareness for both new client acquisition and end customers.

Our expert PPC professionals quickly learnt the nuances of this industry vertical and through careful planning and focused build increased conversions by 260%, reduced CPA by 35% and improved ROAS by 65%., with revenue up 281%!

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Conversions Up


Sales/Revenue Up


Cost per conversion Down




Conversion rate Up

"They have quickly got to grips with our business and our industry”
“Sales UP 281% Over the Quarter"

Conversions: Up 260% Over the quarter

Sales/Revenue: Up 281% Over the quarter

Cost per conversion: Down 35% Over the quarter

Conversion rate: Up 23% Over the quarter

ROAS: Up 65% Over the quarter

Company Bio:

Food and Drinks Startup under NDA is a textbook example of innovation and digital disruption meeting cutting edge technology. This client has established itself as the goto exclusive online members club with a simple mission: to bring its industry vertical into the 21st century. Our client does this by connecting producers and specialist merchants directly to the end user. With this level of commitment to bring great products to the masses we expect nothing but further hockey stick growth.

Food and Drinks Startup

How we did it:

Granular campaign expansion (UK)

50% traffic split experiments on bidding strategies

Ongoing ROAS focused granular optimisations (demographics/TOD/DOW/GEO etc)

SKAGs (Single keyword ad groups)

Continual ad copy A.B testing

Great team to work with
Great team to work with, always go above and beyond. Special mention to Kate who showed a great deal of knowledge and initiative when working with our brand.”

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More traffic and better Google Ads Grant Usage
921% Increase in CTR
YoY Conversion Rate increase of 105%
YoY eCommerce Revenue Up 42%
Revenue and Sales up 85%
33% Increase of Conversion Rate
35% decrease in Cost per Conversion
Conversion Rate Increased by 88%
Return on Ad Spend up 241%
107% Lead Increase & Long Term Growth
22% Decrease in Cost Per Lead
Revenue up 135%
CPAs 57% Below Target
Lead volume up 203%
142% Increase in Conversions
81% Increase in Revenue
Cost Per Lead down 44%
Conversions Up 471% Year Over Year
Return On Ad Spend up 3,197%
71% Increase In Sales
Conversions up 993%
215% Conversion Increase
ROAS up 57% and CPA down 40%
Conversion Rate Up 251%
500% Rise in Conversions
Conversion Rate Up 251.31%
83% Increase in Revenue
14.67% Reduction in Cost Per Conversion
Sales Increased 61.62%
109% ROI increase within the first 90 days
Cut Wasted Ad Spend by £7,000 per Month
Impression share up 80%
Lead Volume Up 266%
96% increase in Conversion Rate
Increased Conversions by 331%
58% Conversion Rate Increase

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