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The Accountancy People

Accountancy People - Lead volume up 203%

The Brief:

The team at Accountancy People came to us with a need for consistent and good quality leads after being disappointed by multiple agencies in the past. These leads were crucial to the future growth of their business and they wanted a solid and dependable strategy ahead of their peak season.

PPC Geeks executed an excellent plan for us. They were very clear and pro active in their communication and are nice people to deal with.



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CTR up


Conversions up


CVR up


CPA down

“Working with PPC Geeks has been a pleasure and a very professional experience.”

“As well as generating over 200% more leads, we managed to achieve this on a budget that didn’t increase for most of the first few months.
With a 193% increase in conversion rate, the relationship between searcher term and the advert were very closely tied
This goes to show, it’s not always about how much ad budget you have, but more about how wisely you spend it!”

CTR - UP: 12%

CVR - UP: 193%

Conversions - UP: 203%

CPA - DOWN: 69%

Company Bio:

At The Accountancy People, the whole purpose of our practice is to add value to you and your business. We achieve this for both new and established businesses, contractors and individuals

The Accountancy People

How we did it:

Supported client with creation of a new website and better landing pages

Utilised broad keywords to improve account visibility

Cut down on wasted spend and non converting search terms

Campaign organisation targeting specific customer types and more generic search terms

Detailed ad copy and ad extension testing

Use of in-market audiences to target those looking for accountancy and business support

"Working with PPC Geeks has been a pleasure and a very professional experience.”


~ James Sheard - Director.

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Happy Clients

We have definitely seen massive growth in the sales on our website. PPC Geeks managed to implement advanced campaigns that can enable us to maximize our return on ad spending. We also love their monthly reports, with solid recommendations along with the live dashboard in case we want to check results anytime

Abdul Thadha
Managing Director, Books2Door

Every campaign they run is built strategically and methodically with a real focus on gathering and acting on data. This has been really refreshing for me as it integrates perfectly with how we run the other parts of our online business.

Ali Gammack
Marketing Manager, SkyParkSecure

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